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Most frequent questions customers asked me thought the 25 years of children entertainment. If your question is not here, then please let me know.

North West London, Golders Green. NW11
and yes, I do make people  smile worldwide.
check out the next question “What areas do you cover?”

I am based in North West London, however, I preform worldwide.
The costing for my balloon gigs on my site and price lists are for Greater London aka within the London Underground Network.
Gigs that are further out are possible for booking, I take each enquiry on a case-by-case basis, so please do use the Order form here to ask for an estimate.

Check out my Who am I page, scroll down to check them out.

No limit, just let me know in advance.

Hundreds, Just let me know in advance that I can prepare the right show to with according to the number of audience.

Yes, of course, and I think it is a great idea!
There are no extra costs!
Remember, I arrive at least one hour before to meet the birthday girl/boy so if there are more than one kids that celebrate, this is the best time to get to know them and have fun just with them before all the guests arrive.
You can read more about my holistic approach to birthday party here.

Nothing, I come with everything needed (back drop, music, props, balloons, costume, a bottle of water and fresh ones) and I can perform at any situation or location indoor or outdoor.

However, if you do want to make the birthday party or the event as perfect as possible try to get the following:

  1. A space for my gig area of 2m x 3.5m without any obstacle or hazards.
  2. A space for the audience to sit on the floor after you took 1m away from my location.
  3. Put all distraction away from the activity area like the kids snacks, the adult buffet and other attraction you may have


And that is it, you are all set.

Yes, indoor, outdoor or in space, just let me know in advance that we can sync it together, assuming it is not a normal place to perform.

Very expensive!
But, to be honest, worth every penny, I highly recommend myself.

All my balloon gigs start from £390 including of VAT.
Ask me for my price list via WhatsApp, ping me on 07311790420, or email me at or, take a look at my price list page here.

Credit card  💳 Add 2%
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Cash 💵
Gold Coins 💰

Nope, my show and my balloon birthday party are perfect all ages and genders.
however, you can have all the decor in a specific theme and I can do my best to link some of my balloon gags to it, just let me know in advance.

Actually, there are few at the opening of the balloon show, that I have learned, are more than enough to satisfy those who are magic fans. 🎩

I do not think so, as all the kids will be focused at my balloon comedy show so there is no need extra activities, however, if your event is a long on going event you can add either before my gig or after, whatever your budget allow you, just let me know in advance that we can sync it

I prefer you have a quick chat before and then you can Click Here

It did not happen to me in the last 24 years… so… it will not happen, keep positive thinking 🧘🏽‍♂️

Yes, I do, thank you.
If you cannot provide me with parking place, just let me know.

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