Balloon Hero

spice up your event

Balloon Animals to your dance floor

balloon hat to the dance floorjpeg

When the music is on and everybody is dancing and having fun, there is a moment that can lift everyone up up and away!
It’s the latest thing in any event! And you better try it out!
It’s called Balloon Animals bonanza for the dance floor!
It looks spectacular! It brings smiles and laughter to all and it takes the party to a different level!

How does it work?

You tell us how many guests you have in the event
Also, tell us what size is the dance floor
We will do the math and prepare enough crazy balloon crowns and hats, balloon bracelets, and few large balloon heads.

We can also add, on request, a walk-around balloon modeller to add more balloons during the party.

Take a look at how this balloon madness looks on the dance floor.

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