They will never stop thanking you

A birthday party experience you will not forget​

A unique birthday party, crafted with a series of comic sketches with clowning gags, physical comedy, magic and lots of hilarious balloon twisting and modelling tricks.

Witty, Funny, fascinating, surprising and engaging with all audiences

Focused around the birthday child

arrive hour before the party

expert with children

Get the absolute best out of me

I understand my customers' needs

Birthday parties for kids of all ages are one of my favourite and expertise. I love entertaining children at birthday parties and give them an experience they never had before. I have a total different approach to what you normally get from a classic Children’s entertainer at an average birthday party.

Most birthday parties are jam-packed with so many elements from disco, games, music, the classic parachute, prizes, soap bubbles, magic and the list goes on…🤯

I think that less is more, especially when we are talking about your child.

Kids are not ignorant, and  I believe that I can offer them high quality hilarious content without treating them as small kids. I speak to kids at eye level with respect and appreciation.😊🙏

I take them “hand in hand” in to the fascinating balloon world with a series of comic sketches mixing clowning, magic and lots of super funny balloon modelling gags and tricks.

My birthday party activity is witty, funny, fascinating, surprising, engaging that even the adults can’t ignore the party and taking part in it, many time participating 😉 as if they are the kids in the party, this is something I am proud of 🤗

My Customer Reviews 
Great reviews 

Feedback 5

“The kids and the parents were laughing out loud throughout the party”

Feedback 4

“Zoe birthday party was a dream with Eldi! Very intelligent, super funny and colourful, kids were mesmerised by him”


“He remembered all the kids name within min! I was shocked! they felt so connected to his activities Brilliant party, I will definitely hire him to Cloe’s brother”


“Professional children entertainer! His performance was spot on to Jamey’s class mate age, he let us with a feeling that we would like to see him again, Well done Eldi!”

Reviews 1

“We had such a lovey and fun atmosphere, he isn’t just funny charismatic and balloon modeller master but a pleasant, smiley charming guy”


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