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Life is a game, enjoy it

So what’s so special about MY balloon show “The BalloonHero is Back” and the rest of my balloon activities?

I make people smile! This is my destiny and I am doing it daily, whether I am on stage or at the post office, I enjoy surprising people and bring a big smile on their face, sometimes I use the balloon bag, I carry with me everywhere, and sometimes just a funny remark or a compliment.

For the past 25 years, I make people smile wherever I go. I have performed before an audience of parents and children of all ages from all walks of life. And so I did till this date thousands of Balloon shows and workshops on birthdays parties, community centers, corporate events, holiday resorts and Bar mitzvahs.

My Balloon show evolved, over the years, to a unique comic balloon show with an intelligent, funny content that speaks to the children and parents at their eye level and reveals to them the funny world of clowning and balloons.

The balloon shows “Balloon Hero is Back” is a series of comedy sketches taking the audience into the colorful and fascinating balloon world. It is funny, intelligent, surprising and fun for all ages, through clowning, physical comedy and balloon twisting sketches.